Friendly Atheist Contest #7: Make an Atheist Motivational Poster!

Last week, I asked this question:

What is the scariest Halloween costume an atheist could wear?

Here are the Top 5 answers (with submitters)!


Pat Robertson



President Pat Robertson

(Philosopher Jeff)


Four Ann Coulters side by side



Dinesh D’Souza, with a pile of his own books to sign



Jesus with a ball gag and a spiked dog collar being lead on a leash by a woman in a burka


I am frightened just thinking about all of those.

Congratulations to the winners! The top three will be receiving specially-made Friendly Atheist wristbands (in the color of their choice), sent to me by blog reader Shauna and her sister Danni!


If you’d like to win your own wristband, here is the new contest.

Make a motivational poster for atheists!

Here’s the website that lets you do it.

Post the image on your blog and leave us the link in the comments, or just send your image to friendyatheist[at]friendlyatheist[dot]com.

Funny and creative answers will have a shot at winning.

Good luck!

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  • Vovic

    I have to admit, the “motivational poster” internet meme is a guilty pleasure of mine.

    I am looking forward to seeing the entries in this contest.


    WOOT!! I actually won a bracelet!!

  • Kate

    I *will* get a bracelet this time.

    I totally submitted the winning entry just an hour ago. :)

  • Darwin’s Dagger

    Don’t know if this is exactly what you had in mind, but here is mine: Darwin’s Dagger: Motivator?

  • Earl

    One I made a while back in response to hearing the “Evolution is just a theory, not a fact” canard for the 10^32th time:
    Here it is

  • THz

    I made mine using the first picture I saw (more so it just looked perfect): here.

  • Earl

    This one is more on point, sort of a motivator by contra-distinction :)

  • Mriana

    😆 I like yours, Earl. :) I don’t have a picture manipulator right now. So, I’ll just cheer everyone on this time. 😀

  • HappyNat

    I posted a couple on my site

    Perfect picture on the gravity one, Earl.

  • Zach

    You don’t need a picture manipulator, the website does it all for you. Hope it helps!

  • stacy

    Here’s an entry from Mere Skepticism. Ciao!

  • Vovic

    I completely ripped off Doug McLeod’s famous quote:
    ImageShack Link

    I would have posted it to my blog, but MySpace is being wonky. [surprise, surprise]

  • Mriana

    Thanks for pointing that out Zack. Now I have to come up with a pic and a saying. I’m not hip on their pics. They are beautiful, but not quite what I’m picturing.

  • J. J. Ramsey

    Here’s my contribution: My atheist motivational poster.

  • Becky Robinson
  • Skeptigator
  • Jared

    Let me try this again… my humble submission:

  • Skeptigator

    I liked Earl’s idea of an opposite one to for Theism.
    *singing*It’s the Inquisition *singing*

  • Jared
  • Paul

    hey, this is a group for people who believe that religion is means of social control and is wrong. please join and voice your opinions