If You Have Problems With God…

… then take it up with Him.

(via Atheist Revolution)

"Screaming about supremacy but he's built like a racist Michelin manbaby. https://uploads.disquscdn.c..."

Student Defending the Confederacy in Viral ..."
"When speaking to careless/thoughtless horses: "Get the FUCK OFF MY FOOT!!!!!" (1/4 of 1,300 lbs. ..."

Christians and Atheists Speak a Different ..."
"And, of course, the AFA completely ignores the huge elephant in the room: the widespread, ..."

A (Cis) Man Spied on Women ..."
"Okay so I read the article from the News that AFA provided, couldn't find one ..."

A (Cis) Man Spied on Women ..."
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  • R.L.Rovakur

    It’s a Festivus miracle!!! Finally, I can aire my grievences with the Big Empty, ‘imself! Perhaps I can get ‘im to participate in this year’s Feats of Strength…