Mario Cross


The whole game must have been an allegory…

Which means the green turtles were actually evil atheists, and Bowser represents Satan, and Jesus spits fire!

(via myconfinedspace)

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  • Brian

    If you were born a god and knew you could die and be reborn, is it that much of a sacrifice to give your life for “the world’s sins”?

    Crazy Mario. He’s a trickster.

  • cg

    Well said indeed, Brian.

    *golf clap*

  • Aj

    To be fair to the Je-man, I’d rather die and not be reborn, than die a horrible death of various cruel tortures and be reborn. Of course, if he existed, and I’m right, then he wasn’t son of God, he basically died a horrible death for being charismatic, bat-shit, peace-loving dude with a “cultish” personality.

  • Basically, Jesus was like John Lennon without the musical talent.

    …or respect for normal human behavior

    and actually, thinking of the “early death” part, this analogy is getting depressing.

    Also, I’ve always had kind of a queasy feeling about the “he died for your sins!” thing… how on earth is some guy dying supposed to forgive sins? Would any kind of not-totally-evil god design his supposed laws of the universe to require his own son’s death? Heaven seems to have worse leadership standards than the U.S.