Kathy Griffin Talks About “Suck it, Jesus” Speech

Here are the first 10 minutes of her new stand-up special, Kathy Griffin: Straight To Hell.

She walks the audience through everything leading up to her infamous “Suck it, Jesus” speech — she recreates the whole thing (uncensored, thank you very much) — and the aftermath.

And by aftermath, I mean Bill Donohue bashing:

“… the Catholic League is one guy with a computer!”


(via Dispatches from the Culture Wars)

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  • http://emergingpensees.com MikeClawson

    OMG that’s hilarious!

  • http://ohthethinksyoucanthink.blogspot.com Linda

    I feel like I should feel guilty for laughing, but can’t help it. I never knew Kathy Griffin was so funny. :)

  • Maria

    LOL, I loved her mother’s response………

  • Mriana

    I never knew she existed until the Religious Reich/Catholic League started to make a big deal out what she said. She runs her mouth off about religion almost like I do. 😆 Only difference is, I would have never thought of “Suck it, Jesus!” I saw this whole show this past weekend. Way cool! :) Personally, I don’t think she is offensive though. Like she’s not afraid of the Catholic League, I’m not afraid of the Religious Reich.

    Personally, I like her! 😆

  • http://religiouscomics.net Jeff

    It was encouraging to see a whole audience of applauding people in a video of one of her shows. I didn’t know that many open minded tolerant people existed or could be gather in one place.

    Such is my life in the bible belt.

  • Karen

    Go Kathy!! I love her, she’s great. :-) The next part is funny, too, where she shows this negative ad that the Christian drama group in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee took out against her in the newspaper.

  • Bartlett

    Oh dear, I think I’m in love

  • Pam M

    I saw her accept the award that evening but have missed all of this. She is hilarious. Why is it that I get such a kick out of peoples bad langage rants? Does that have anything to do with being an athesist???? Does that make me a bad person? Am I going to hell for that??? OH I forgot I don’t believe in hell. :-)

  • Jeff Siegwart

    Go Kathy!

    God has a sense of humor, or he wouldn’t have given us one!

  • Fab

    I wonder if I could make “suck it Jesus!” a statement on a t-shirt?