A Humanist Revival

James Coley is a past president of the North Carolina Society for Ethical Culture. He has a master’s degree in philosophy from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and has taught medical ethics for many years.

He recently spoke to the Ethical Humanist Society of Long Island.

Part of his speech included the performance of his song Humanist Revival.

It’s cute and catchy. Enjoy!:

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  • Mriana

    OK now that bothers me. It smells like Evangelical Fundamentalism and the music sounds too much like my great uncle’s church and my grandparent’s church. Too much for me. I’m going to Epstien’s service- if he has one. 😆

  • James Coley

    Mriana: I am an atheist, a naturalist and a rationalist. So you need have no fear I mean to import evangelical or fundamentalist Christianity, or any form of theism, in the content of my song. And I understand if it still “smells” like that to you, and if it brings back bad memories of church. But what I am trying to do is to “appropriate” the cultural form of gospel music for humanism. If that turns you off, okay. It is a matter of taste. However, why shouldn’t we have fun with these cultural forms and use them to popularize humanism?