The Christopher Hitchens Drink

The Christopher Hitchens Surprise:

1 Bottle Scotch whiskey: Johnnie Walker Black Label preferred
20 Cigarettes
An empty scotch glass
1 Bottle Grecian Formula
1 Live Christian infant

Using the scotch glass, empty the entire contents of the scotch, one glass at a time, into your mouth, occasionally smoking an entire cigarette in less than a minute. Muss your hair and apply some Grecian Formula to it, not enough to actually dye your hair, just enough to make it smell like you have. Make the infant smoke one of the cigarettes in front of its parents and their priest, then eat it raw. The flavours of baby, scotch, and lung cancer, mixed with the smells of smoke and bad hair products will make you bitter enough to hurl insults at Mother Teresa.

Serves one.

We have Reed to thank for that gem.

You can find this and plenty of other atheistical recipes (including the Baby Burger below!) at The Atheist Cookbook.

Baby Burger

(via Unorthodox Atheism)

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  • Jeff

    😆 That makes me hungry! 😆

  • Bjorn Watland

    MMM, baby burger…. gaaahhhllllaargggllllllll

  • Graeme

    Scotch Whisky doesn’t have an “e” in it.

  • Secular Planet

    That’s an impossible recipe to make. Dawkins argues that there’s no such thing as a “Christian infant.”

  • Linda

    Now… that picture is just wrong. Poor thing… He forgot the mayo!

    But seriously, isn’t that baby crying? What people will put their kids through…

  • Karen

    That’s hilarious!

    Don’t worry, Linda. I’m sure no actual babies were harmed in the filming there.

  • Jen

    I don’t know, sounds like a pretty tame Thursday night there