Secular Student Alliance is Hiring

If you live in Northern California and you’re looking for a part-time job that allows you to be an atheist activist, this is the position for you:

The ideal candidate will have experience in atheist, freethought or humanist activism at the college level. Someone with experience leading or helping to lead a student group would be an especially strong candidate. Any experience with campus activism will be helpful. She or he will have excellent communication skills, including speaking and writing. The candidate will enjoy collaborating with people of different ages, ethnic groups, sexual orientations, and philosophical or political beliefs.

Duties will include working in person and remotely with student groups on campuses in the northern California area to improve their operations, provide them with resources and network them with each other and the broader secular movement.

Applications are considered on a rolling basis, so if you have what it takes, read the position description and apply!

(via Secular Student Alliance)

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