Unitarian Universalist Discussion Questions For I Sold My Soul on eBay

Steve Caldwell has compiled a new list of discussion questions for I Sold My Soul on eBay, specifically for Unitarian Universalist groups:

The discussion questions [in the back of the book]… assume a more traditional Christian point of view and are not applicable for most Unitarian Universalists. Many of these discussion questions are not applicable for Unitarian Universalist Christians as well.

What follows is my attempt to re-frame these discussion questions for use in Unitarian Universalist faith communities.

You can check out the PDF here.

Many thanks to Steve for putting these together!

(via Liberal Faith Development)

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  • kristi

    Thanks, these are interesting questions. I’m both an atheist and a UU (in a congregation that includes a lot of atheists and humanists), so some of the questions surprised me. Had to remind myself that many UUs are believers of one stripe or another.

  • http://liberalfaith.blogspot.com/ Steve Caldwell

    Thanks for the kind words — for what it’s worth, I’ve already gotten some positive feedback from some Unitarian Universalist educators and consultants who are planning to use your book for study/discussion groups.

    I think the ideas in your book can be used by non-Christian groups and I think your book will help us be better at welcoming and outreach.