I Love Acronyms

The Iowa Atheist Alliance changed its name.

The group should now be called “Atheists United for a Rational America.”

In other words, A.U.R.A.

The tagline: A.U.R.A.: “Nothing mysterious about it!

Cute :)

The group’s website was started by Dr. Lydia Hartunian, the woman behind the Great American God Out.

If you’re living in Iowa, keep tabs on the site for future meeting dates!

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  • http://omega-geek.blogspot.com Spook

    Heh, I happen to have a class with Dr. Hartunian – and she’s involved with our campus freethought group.

    Small world! (Of course, I’m in Iowa and a heathen… Not many of us to begin with…)

  • http://blog.lib.umn.edu/fole0091/epistaxis Epistaxis

    Cute! Too bad it’s Iowa.