100% Un-deluded

Blog reader Jeff created a t-shirt design for those who enjoy the atheist Scarlet A and puns 🙂


Feel free to check out the gear. The more people who display the A, the better. (And it makes a great conversation piece… well… at least a great very-short-conversation piece.)

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  • valhar2000

    So, you got the hang of the big red A?

  • “100% Un-deluded” is a rather tricky claim to put on a shirt. If the psychiatric connotations of “deluded” are taken seriously, then it’s a banal claim, since most people, including most religious people, can claim to be 100% un-deluded for that sense of “deluded”. If “deluded” is treated as a loose synonym for “mistaken,” then “100% Un-deluded” is a brag that no one can live up to. So the shirt’s message can range from a “no, duh” to a statement of astonishing arrogance.

    I have to admit it would be really funny if Brian Flemming or Christopher Hitchens wore that shirt. 😉