How to Irritate an Atheist

It’s an old post, but I just saw it for the first time, so let’s pretend like it’s brand new.

281 Tricks to Irritate an Atheist. (Actually, there are 289.)

I’m sure you can think of a few more…

(via sapere aude)

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  • Miko

    Actually 290, if you include the numbering.

  • BZ

    Some of these are really good, but some of them are strawmen.

  • Jeff

    24) Drink the last beer in the fridge.
    25) …and buy natural light to replace it.

    This is just wrong on so many levels!!!

  • Mriana

    OK and here I thought I few things bother me- I’m up to #20 and 99% of them would bug me, but then again, I know how to gnaw at a theist too. Not that I can’t be compassionate though.

    I haven’t looked them all over (too many of them) but how about:

    Imposing your god on myself and/or others? That’s a BIG one with me.

    Wait! A.D. means Anno Domini (Year of our Lord), NOT After Death. 😡 OK that’s another one of my pet peeves. IF you are going to say, say it right.

    61) Tell him you must study the Bible for many years to reject Christianity.

    I have.

  • sapere aude

    hey, dear colleague, how did you find my small german blog? :o)
    ok, in the future I will write some more english stuff :)

    btw. think, we atheists need some salutation like the worshippers have :o)

  • Efrique

    One thing that will irritate this atheist is percentages that can’t possibly be true.
    If items must either annoy you or not, and you’ve read 20 of them, you can have 95% of them annoy you, or 100% of them annoy you. 99% of 20 is not an integer.

    [Of course if you can count some items as some fraction of “annoying” (assuming that means anything), then yes, you could get 99%.]

  • Tom

    Mriana, I’m not sure if you are just stating your annoyance with people’s wrong use of A.D. in general or addressing his wrong use of it, but I’m pretty confident that he meant the “After Death”-part sarcastically, hence the “of course” part.

  • Mriana

    People in general, because there are so many people who assume that A.D. means after death- at least in my neck of the woods. It doesn’t though.

  • Rovakur

    The best way to counter an annoying theist (i.e. a theist that is annoying) is to out-quote them from their respective scripture. :)