Stay Safe; Play the Censored Version

I won the first round with Ganesha. But with multiple arms, you totally saw that one coming.

As reader ash child points out, “it’s worth it just to read the initial disclaimer.”

So true.

(Thanks to Ash for the link!)

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  • Well I played one round and God kicked Buddha’s but. But we already knew He was All Powerful… Jesus might be a little wimpy…

  • J Sveda

    Wow, brilliant game. Just how can I complete the most difficult combo? As Buddha, I could cast Dharma wheel easily, but never managed to cast Nirvana (left, down, right, up, attack) 🙁

  • Mriana

    I played the regular game and beat both allah and God as Jesus, but lost to Buddha. 🙁 Gee! That Buddha doesn’t play fair with all that fire and stuff. 😆

  • ProudSinner

    As Buddha I kicked God, Budai, and Ganesha, but got smote by Mohamed. I love a little blasphemy in the morning. 😀

  • J Sveda

    Indeed, Muhammad is a quite tough opponent.

  • J Sveda, remember that the move should be read “away, down, toward, up, attack” (i.e. it depends on which side your opponent is on).

  • Jamie G.

    I blazed through this game with Budai. Even ____ was no match for me, sorry TC. The music was pretty good, too.

  • Muhammad trounced everyone, with mostly fists (and a little fire 🙂 ).

  • J Sveda

    @ Jonathan:
    I didn’t realize that it depends on where the opponent is, because I’ve never played martial arts games before.

  • Spartan

    I was able to thrash all my enemies with God 😀 . If you beat the game, by the way, a secret player is unlocked. I’ll give everyone a hint to who it is: Volcanoes and H bombs.