Atheist Misconceptions Cleared

All I have to do to entice you to read John’s piece is excerpt this sentence:

Mmmmm, baby…

Ok, so maybe the rumor that atheists eat babies is accurate after all…

The piece humorously responds to some common straw man misconceptions about atheism.

(via Mind on Fire)

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  • Karen

    That’s great. 🙂 I want to go to the Church of the Holy Dawkins!

  • Thanks, for the kudos, Hemant! I’ll share our secret “family recipe” if you’re ever in the LA area! 😛

  • So I’ve been fostering friendships with atheists, talking to them, even marrying one so I could just get my hands on a recipe for roasted baby and now you guys tell me you don’t really eat them???

    All for nothing.

    Please say you still like a nice juicy kitten?

  • 8. Without God, we lead gluttonous, hedonistic lives, throwing orgies all the time.
    Yeah, unfortunately, this is little more than a myth. *sigh* 🙁

    But, I would love to interview–in person–any atheists that do…for completely legitimate reasons, of course!

  • One interesting movie is the 1938 “Alexander Nevski” (In Russian with English subtitles). In that movie, though, it is the Christian Teutonic knights throwing the babies into the fire… An early classic in overtly over-the-top propaganda…. Very interesting from a historical political perspective.

    If you have an hour and 40 minutes, you can watch it at
    this site