Have you ever wondered what Fox News Channel would look like if it didn’t have to hide behind the pretense of being non-partisan? answers that question.

ONN is a division of the American Family Association, a Christian Right group.

Check out this sample article:

Pro-life advocate Judie Brown says many politicians — including the two leading Democratic presidential contenders — claim to be Christian, while supporting things that are clearly contrary to Christian beliefs.

“It is one thing to profess to be a believing Christian, and another to, by your actions, either confirm that you are indeed a believing Christian, or that you are using your so-called Christianity for the purpose of political gain,” says Brown.

Because as we all know, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are both raging atheists.

(It’s also good to know that Republicans have never used faith to their advantage…)

(via NoGodBlog)

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  • chancelikely

    Wait, Fox News hides behind the pretense of being non-partisan? When did that start?

  • HappyNat

    Holy crap! One of the tabs is “Persecution”. I know this is a common theme witha lot Christians, but having a whole section devoted to the martyr complex? Impressive.

  • Mriana

    I didn’t go past the first page of either site, but I thought they must have a real complex to have a whole section on persecution. Even so, if I had explored it, I’d probably be steaming before I was done.