Madalyn Murray O’Hair Street… Not Happening

The proposal by Raymond Zbylut, a resident of Omaha, Nebraska, to get a street named after the late founder of American Atheists has been rejected.

The proposal was shot down with a 6-0 vote.

Councilman Garry Gernandt said after the meeting that he was contacted by close to 200 constituents concerning the Murray O’Hair sign, and not a single one was in support.

“They said we should keep religious and state issues separate,” Gernandt said.

Constituents also said that because Murray O’Hair didn’t have ties to Omaha, she shouldn’t be honored here, Gernandt said.

Councilman Franklin Thompson said his constituents also urged him to vote against the sign

“It was too divisive,” Thompson said. “Our streets shouldn’t be used as a political football.”

Zbylut isn’t putting up a fight (nor should he):

Zbylut said he wasn’t surprised by the council’s vote to deny the sign. “These gentleman voted their conscious,” he said. “And what they believe in, I respect.”

(via Fall of Hate)

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  • Miko

    “They said we should keep religious and state issues separate,” Gernandt said.

    But rest assured that according to GoogleMaps, Omaha does have a “Church Street.” 😉

  • Syckls

    I think it was absolutely the right decision: not just pragmatically, but also on principle. A street should be named after a person only if that person was extremely influential nationwide to the point of being a historical figure like Martin Luther King, Jr., or if that person was particularly influential in that city or town. I would think that even if the council were made up entirely by atheists, a responsible council would make the same decision for that same rationale.

  • Karen

    Oh yeah, getting mandatory prayer out of the public schools wasn’t nationally significant or anything … (snark)

  • http://facebook epifania undecimo

    Hello Raymond Zbylut, i have been following your movements, no comment i hope to get in touch with you through this hope to hear from you