Register for the Humanist World Congress

The International Humanist and Ethical Union will be hosting the 17th Humanist World Congress in Washington, D.C. June 5-8. This event will be in conjunction with both the American Humanist Association‘s and the Secular Student Alliance‘s 2008 conventions.

Each organization will hold their own breakout sessions, while coming together for bigger speakers and larger events.

Registration is now open! I’ve already signed up. If you’re interested, you should get your tickets before the event gets sold out!

Speakers include non-theistic Congressman Pete Stark and The Golden Compass author Philip Pullman.

The cost for adult registration is $249 while student registration is $40.

Compare that to the registration fee for the James Randi Educational Foundation’s Amaz!ng Meeting 6: $450 for adults and $350 for students. Even for members of JREF, the costs are $375 and $275, respectively. (Granted, they have great celebrity speakers of their own.)

I love Randi and TAM is fantastic, but I’m just saying…

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  • Maria

    I am so there. registering tomorrow morning. hope to see you there Hemant!