Evolution Weekend 2008

In honor of Charles Darwin‘s birthday next Tuesday, many churches across the country are gathering this weekend to celebrate Evolution Weekend:

Evolution Weekend is an opportunity for serious discussion and reflection on the relationship between religion and science. One important goal is to elevate the quality of the discussion on this critical topic – to move beyond soundbytes. A second critical goal is to demonstrate that religious people from many faiths and locations understand that evolution is sound science and poses no problems for their faith. Finally, as with The Clergy Letter itself, which has now been signed by more than 11,000 members of the Christian clergy in the United States, Evolution Weekend makes it clear that those claiming that people must choose between religion and science are creating a false dichotomy.

As of now, over 800 congregations are scheduled to participate.

If you attend, is your church on the list?

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  • Karen

    Very interesting list. After a quick look, it seems to be dominated by United Church of Christ, Unitarian Universalist and Jewish congregations, with some mainstream liberal denominations (Methodist, Presbyterian) thrown in.

    It’s a good resource, though not too encouraging to see some states with only three or four churches total that are participating. If I wanted to attend one that is participating, even in Los Angeles, I’d have to travel about 30 miles from my home.