So You Want To Be A Model

Here’s your chance.

The application for the 2008-2009 Skepchick/Skepdude Calendars is up!

Deadline to apply is March 14th.

In case you’re wondering, this isn’t a *total* nudie calendar…

We’re not after overt nudity, but rather titillatingly and tastefully used. We are after the skeptical/science/nerd/geek angle, and those photos that use both will have an advantage.

Because the 2008 calendar was pushed back, this calendar is (I think) an 18-month edition beginning in the summer and going through 2009. That’s just more opportunity for you to make it!

Don’t be shy… I was, but I applied and took a pic, and it was not nearly as scary as it sounded! (Oh, just you wait to see it. You’ll never be changing months.)

More information can be found at Skepchick.

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