Jesus, look at the time!

No, really. He can do that now:


(via Ain’t Christian)

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  • Spartan

    Yes! Now I can make it to heaven and find out what time it is simultaneously!

    By the way, you said “the” twice at the top of the post.

    [Whoops! Thanks :) It’s fixed now. — Hemant]

  • mad hatter

    Is it a wind up? Because I’d hate to have it keep dying on you.

  • JimboB

    What are the chances of this watch finding its way onto Hemant’s wish list?

  • The (Parenthetical) Atheist

    Couple of thoughts:

    First, the Muslim ban on showing the faces of the holy is starting to look pretty useful. I bet there are no Muhammad watches.

    Second: I’ve seen a bumper sticker to go with that one. It said: “It’s Always Jesus Time.”

    Third: I know he’s the lamb of god and all, but the whole thing with the sheep weirds me out. Do they make Jesus Brand Velcro Gloves?

    Fourth: A battery powerd Jesus just rocks. Unless its windup.

  • Matt

    Now Time is imaginary too!

  • J Myers

    …the whole thing with the sheep weirds me out.


    “Invisbl Anil Probz”

    I’m sorry, it’s just… that’s what it looks like.

  • Jen

    Thanks, but I’ll pass. I prefer my religious kitch glows in the dark.

  • Vincent

    yeah, I can’t figure out what’s up with Jesus’ right hand.
    He’s making a hole with it like he’s holding something invisible.
    Is he supposed to be looking at his watch? If so, who’s face is on Jesus’ watch? And if he’s omniscient shouldn’t he know what time it is without looking?

  • mothandrust (aint christian)

    Thanks for the linkback to my blog, H. Happy to have you use it.

    The watch that doesn’t tick… it crosses… this is the best joke I could come up with right now.

  • The (Parenthetical) Atheist

    If so, who’s face is on Jesus’ watch? If I remember correctly, that would be Nixon’s first vice president (early in the morning (for my weekend, anyway) and brain not working. Need kaffeeen.

  • Linda


    You crack me up!! 😆 mad hatter’s is good.

    Okay… let me try this…

    The watch that “saves” time?

  • yinyang

    Jesus: “It can’t be time for the Rapture yet, can it?”

    He checks his watch.

    “Huh. Guess time flies when you’re herding sheep.”

  • Linda

    Time flies when ascending with Jesus…

    Time is on his side…

    This is just way too much fun. :)

    umm… Jesus-light savings time?