Friendly Atheist Contest #19: Christ Lightning

Last week, I ran this contest:

Recently, Jesus was struck by lightning:


Why was he being punished by God?

(Thanks to Chris for the suggestion!)

Here are the Top 5 responses (with submitters)!


God was trying to make his skin color a little more realistic.



Jesus stole God’s last Zebra Cake, as forbidden by Commandment 11: Thou shalt not covet thy father’s snacky cake.



“… and then I turned a stone into a fish THIS BIG!!… Ouch! Damn it Dad!”



“Hey dad, I’ve got this killer itch on my back. Could you–oh yeah. That’s the spot.”



That’s not lightening, that’s his noodly appendage captured on film. RAmen


Congratulations to the winners! The top three will be receiving specially-made Friendly Atheist wristbands (in the color of their choice), sent to me by blog reader Shauna and her sister Danni!


If you’d like to win your own wristband, here is the new contest:

The Mormon church now has its own publishing imprint! The first project will be to “publish all of the known personal papers, correspondence, journals and other primary sources of Mormonism’s founding leader, Joseph Smith…”

What other titles will the Mormon church be publishing?

Funny and creative answers will have a shot at winning.

Good luck!

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