George Carlin on Death and the Afterlife

One more excerpt from his new special It’s Bad For Ya.

This segment is about death/the afterlife/heaven/hell. The relevant part begins at 0:50:

It’s all so obvious, yet you never hear anyone in his position with the guts or wit to say these things. That’s why Carlin is the master.

Oh, just go watch the whole special.

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  • Mriana

    Thank you, Hemant! :) After all the stupidity I’ve read today, I really appreciate the wisdom and humour of Geo. Carlin. :) It makes up for everything that was stupid and ignorant. I really needed the laughs.

  • geru

    George Carlin is God. Thou shalt have no other gods before Him.
    (Does this make me a bad atheist?) :)

    It’s great to see a new film from George. Pray to Joe that he’ll keep on making new material for decades to come. :)

  • jedipunk

    It absolutely sucks that youtube is blocked at work.

  • Kevin

    I especially liked the applause he recieved after “there is no ‘up there'”

  • Greta Christina

    Very funny. But I don’t think I agree. If there were an afterlife, I am exactly the kind of person who would hang around their funeral listening to all the nice things being said about me. :-)

    After that, I’d take off to take care of afterlife business. But my funeral? I am totally there.

  • Linda Richardson

    I love George Carlin, but is his zipper down?

  • Milena

    Thanks for sharing those links. I love Carlin. I really wish he was my grandpa, or something. =D