Another Goddamned Podcast

No, really. That’s the name of it.

A group of atheist bloggers have put together a podcast and the fifth episode is up! Which hopefully means some of the kinks have been worked out :)

Contributors to it include The Exterminator, Ordinary Girl, Babs, Lifeguard, PhillyChief, Spanish Inquisitor, and John Evo.

You can subscribe to the podcast in iTunes.

(Another atheist blogger, Reed Braden, has a podcast as well!)

Anyone else have any non-blog projects that deal with atheism?

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  • The Exterminator

    Which hopefully means some of the kinks have been worked out.
    Actually, I’d like to think that we’re getting more kinky as we go along.

    Thanks for the shout-out, Hemant.

  • Mriana

    Just signed up. I don’t know why, I’m subscribed to so many podcasts, that I can’t seem to listen to them all in a week’s time. 😆 However, I do like my political podcasts, news podcasts, and atheists/Humanists podcasts.

  • Zachary Moore

    Apologia has been running for quite some time now.

  • Mark James

    I have an Atheist Radio Station :-)

  • Ordinary Girl

    Thanks for telling people about us, Hermant. :)