Congrats to the Scholarship Winners!

American Atheists just announced the 2008 scholarship winners!

2008 Founders’ Scholarship ($2500) Ms. Rebecca Robinson

Founders’ Runner-Up ($1000): Ms. Shannon Black

Chinn Scholarship ($1000): Mr. James Kennedy

Honorable Mentions: J. Schmitt, O. Fromenthal, N. Conrad, S. Finklestein, L. Lebrasko, N. Paspalofski, And K. Lyon

And I won’t hesitate to mention Becky Robinson is a fellow Secular Student Alliance board member and founder/president of the Freethinkers of UTA (University of Texas at Arlington).

Congratulations to all the winners!

(Curiously enough, while the prize money has increased since last year, the winners now get only six months of complimentary AA membership instead of the usual full year. What’s up with that?)

(Via NoGodBlog)

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