Church Ministers March in Mardi Gras Parade… (Not What You Think)

In Sydney, Australia, a group of Christian ministers marched in a Mardi Gras parade over the weekend. Normally, you know where this type of story is going: the homophobic Christians condemn the gays, there’s lot of yelling and Bible-verse-spewing and gnashing of teeth, and the day ends with everyone a little more pissed off than when it began.

That’s not what happened here, though.

Why did the ministers march?

To “say sorry to the gay and lesbian community for the treatment they received from Christian churches.”

It’s a positive gesture even though the 100Revs don’t make any official statement on the Biblical position on GLBT relationships.

(Thanks to David for the link!)

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  • Cat’s Staff

    I think it was August who said it best… ‘in 20 years gay marriage will be legal…and Christians will be taking credit for making it happen.’

  • Arkonbey

    Sometimes it’s nice when one’s expectations are not met, eh?

  • Jason

    So how long will it be before we see similar actions taken by christian leaders in the U.S.?

  • the Shaggy

    Since when is Mardi Gras a gay celebration? I thought it was a New Orleans party, and Pride was the gay festival.

    Maybe in Australia, it’s upside down? ;-P

    (Having been a straight man who has been both to and in Toronto’s Pride Parade a few years running now, I say that one of the coolest parts is seeing all the churches representing themselves proudly with great floats supporting gay rights.)

  • Cat’s Staff

    Jason said

    So how long will it be before we see similar actions taken by christian leaders in the U.S.?

    It’s already happening…there are more and more booths set up by religious groups at the local Pride festival every year..

  • GreenishBlue

    I just watched the documentary For the Bible Tells me So, which is alternately amazing (as it tells the story of Christian parents struggling to accept their gay children) and incredibly frustrating (as it bizarrely sets out to prove the Christianity is, by nature, accepting of homosexuality, and that the Bible never condemns homosexuality).

    I actually wrote my latest blog entry about that.