Products That Make God Angry

There are tons of products God doesn’t like

Chocolate Jesuses:


Jesus Footwear:




There’s more where those came from at Cracked.

Atheists need some swag to compete.

SaganSuckers, anyone?

(via Mind on Fire)

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  • Becky

    Hahahaha! I used to buy Testamints back when I was a “Jesus-girl”. They’re not that good. =p

  • Susan B.

    Lolipops in the shape of babies, perhaps? Since we eat them, after all.

  • Kyle P

    I’m sure if Jesus were alive today he’d be thrilled that people were using his name and likeness to sell little trinkets like this.

  • brian t

    Aww, aren’t those Chocolate Jesus’s cute? I wonder if they come with a little pair of pliers, for removing those teeny little nails..?

  • Mriana

    Yummy! More chocolate. 😀

  • Bjorn Watland

    I’s buy some HeMINTS, get it? HA!

  • Brenda Maxwell

    That is just too funny! :)

  • Secular Dignity

    It’s amazing that religious people get upset when non-believers “disrespect” their religion, yet there are no complaints about this sort of thing.

  • Jason

    I think a laxative would be a better product to carry the slogan “Pass the word”.