Expelled: No Flying Spaghetti Monster Allowed

In this parody of Ben Stein‘s Expelled, the University of Alberta Atheists and Agnostics show how the Flying Spaghetti Monster is being kept out of academia! There is no mention of His Holy Noodleness in the textbooks…

They will discover the truth:

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  • http://terahertz.wordpress.com THz

    Thanks for posting it Hemant!

  • http://globalizati.wordpress.com globalizati


  • http://religiouscomics.net Jeff

    It may well be that “Creationism or Darwinism” is a false dichotomy. Rejecting one, doesn’t necessarily mean that the other must be true.

  • the Shaggy

    Anyone find it awesome that the guy talking about how “there is no God tinkering in things” had a big honking crucifix above his desk?

  • http://terahertz.wordpress.com THz

    The guy with the cross is an Evangelical Christian, and we took his quotes greatly out of context. The full interviews will be posted shortly as video responses so people can hear the full story (let’s see the Discovery Institute do that!)

  • http://terahertz.wordpress.com Ian

    The video was removed (by us) and edited at the request of one of the people we featured. The new version is here: