Richard Dawkins’ Speech in Madison

It’s choppy video, but it’s understandable.

And it’s part 1 of 9. (The rest are here.)

(via Life Without Faith)

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  • Siamang

    This Dawkin person sounds interesting. Is he related to Dawkins?

  • I was in attendance, have written up some comments here:

  • Kathryn

    Anyone watching these might want to save them, as we are trying to get them taken down, according to Dawkins’ wishes.

    I am on the DLS committee at Madison, the committee that brought Dawkins, and Dawkins himself has said he would rather not have unauthorized videos on the web.

  • Aj

    Dawkins is taken aback by the “God is simple” rubbish, whoever can think that must have a screw loose.

  • This Dawkin person sounds interesting. Is he related to Dawkins?

    That’s what happens when you type in a hurry 🙂 Fixed, though!

  • Kai

    The videos have been removed by the user. Have these been mirrored anywhere?

  • Better yet, is there an mp3 somewhere?

  • Siamang

    From Chris Hallquist’s blog linked in his comment above:

    She also said there had been another even where there were Christians protesting outside, and she tried to offer them tickets so they could see the event, but they insisted they would not let themselves be exposed to it.

    Doesn’t that just speak volumes?