Jesus, Fine. Christ, Not Fine.

According to British comedians David Mitchell and Robert Webb, the BBC’s blasphemy rules dictate that one can say “God” and “Jesus” on TV, but you cannot say “Christ.”

Also, one “can only get away with saying ‘fuck’ two or three times in a sketch show.”

But don’t you dare say “Christ.”

I don’t have any links to the story, but it’s recounted on the New Humanist blog.

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  • Matt

    What if they say: “Christ died for your sins.” Is that taboo? Can Christians only say “Jesus died for your sins” and that’s the only acceptable way to phrase it? Once you use his surname you’re in trouble buster!

  • NYCatheist
  • Joseph R.

    Does that mean that you would have to say “jesus on a cracker” instead of “christ on a cracker”? Although I am no stranger to the word “fuck”, I think “fuck” is more offensive than using the word “christ” in a swearing situation(but that doesn’t keep me from fucking repeating it). Blasphemy…I love it!

  • stogoe

    Blasphemy…I love it!

    It’s a blast for me, too.

  • hoverFrog

    Thanks Hemant, I’ve spent the last hour laughing my socks off looking at Michell and Webb clips on YouTube.

  • Lenny Rachitsky

    Christ that’s frustrating!

  • Shaded Spriter

    I knew about the blasphamy law on the books…but I didn’t know it was so rigid when it comes to TV like that.

  • hoverFrog

    I did find another Mitchell and Webb video that made me laugh a lot. I’ve posted it on Off the Map. They do say “Jesus Christ” in it which would indicate that the restriction on saying Christ is just a joke.