Tribute to Arthur C. Clarke

I never read science fiction, but I know many of you do.

Here’s a tribute to Arthur C. Clarke from Jessica Hagy:


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  • MorseCode

    My own little tribute to Sir Arthur. If anyone cares to take a look.

  • GuyMac

    Well that is totally wrong. The one circle should be labeled “technology” and the overlapping space “advanced technology” because the law is “advanced technology is *indistinguishable* from magic.”

  • hoverFrog

    What do you mean never read science fiction?

  • Darwin’s Dagger

    Yeah, what kind of self-respecting atheist doesn’t read science fiction?

  • Renacier

    Thats one way to do it, I’m sure, GuyMac. But as it reads now,it says that the effects of some advanced technology and the effects of some magic are overlapping and that overlap can be described by Clarke’s Law.
    Perfectly valid and I can’t believe I’m arguing about a Venn diagram of Clarke’s Third Law on the internet. Stereotype, much?