If Atheists “Succeed,” Be Prepared for Some Disappointment

The atheist “movement” (if I may use that term) has a goal of making atheism more respected and visible. Some people would even like to see religion disappear the way of Greek myths. There’s obviously a long way to go before that happens.

Greta Christina looks to the future to see what consequences may await us if we ever succeed:

… As we succeed in making the world an easier place to be an atheist, we’re going to see more and more atheists who haven’t agonized over their atheism to the same degree that most of us have. As we succeed in making the world an easier place to be an atheist, we’re going to see more and more atheists who aren’t amazingly brave and strong, tough and independent, passionate and confident. We’re going to see more and more atheists who are pretty much regular folks who just want to get on with their lives.

And that’s exactly as it should be.

It’s true that as atheists begin to increase in number, it’ll be hard for certain people to be sheltered from us. They won’t fear us anymore. It’ll be normal for kids to be atheists or at least know other atheists.

We will have achieved our goal.

At that time, we’ll just have to find another minority to be a part of, another cause we’re just as passionate about.

Not that I have a say in the matter, but I wonder whether I’d like that day to come sooner or later.

Most of me says I want it to happen now — the discrimination would (hopefully) end, I wouldn’t have to constantly defend my lack of faith, my conversations with potential dates would continue after the “what religion are you?” question, etc.

But part of me likes being in the minority. It gives me something to work toward. If my “atheist identity” suddenly disappeared (because everyone was just fine with atheists), I’m not sure what would replace it.

Anyone else thinking those thoughts?

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