Losing Faith Could Mean Losing Your Family

I had previously posted about Michael Amini and his story of leaving the Mormon faith.

Dr. Valerie Tarico uses that piece as a starting point for discussing how losing one’s faith can also mean losing your family. You can read it at The Huffington Post.

Many who lose religion muddle along in silent shame — wanting to believe, praying desperately for doubts to be removed, blaming themselves and fending off images of eternal torture before finally giving up the fight. Granted, some lucky few simply flip a bit, but others find themselves dragged reluctantly into an internal conflict takes years.

Most religions implant psychological safeguards against apostasy, little emotional bombs of fear, guilt, shame and self-loathing that get triggered by the mere act of questioning. In religious orthodoxy, doubt is the domain of fools. It is the consequence of having hardened your heart like Pharaoh or resenting God’s power like Lucifer. Oh ye of little faith!

…in the absence of dramatic evidence to the contrary, we are all taught to think of religion as harmless.

It’s time to give up the illusion.

(via The Huffington Post)

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