Boy Scouts Get Federal Money for Their Discrimination

Ben points out that a Boy Scout group in Alaska is about to get nearly $1,000,000 worth of federal funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Both HUD and White House websites have rules that say no grant-receiving group can discriminate against anyone who wants to use the service.

If our organization receives Federal funds, can it choose not to provide services to some people?

No. If you take Federal money you may not discriminate against a person seeking help who is eligible for the service. For example, if you are a religious organization and receive public money to run an emergency food distribution program, you may not serve only persons of your faith and turn away others. In addition, and as discussed above, you may not require those you serve to profess a certain faith or participate in religious activities, in order to receive the service you provide for the Federal government.

But if the Boy Scouts of America continues to kick out gays and atheists, they’d be doing just that.

Possummomma has problems with this, too:

…why not give the money to the Girl Scouts? The Girl Scouts do not discriminate against anyone. The Boy Scouts, however, do…and do so openly. Why, then, are they receiving FEDERAL MONIES to build this camp? I liken it to giving an LDS stake the funds to build a stakehouse or the Catholic Church a fellowship hall. Since when is it okay for the United States government to pay for exclusive clubs? No matter what your position is on god(s) or religion, this is not right…

If the BSA wants to fund their own programs, so be it. Our tax money shouldn’t be used to help a group that willingly kicks out those who have a different religious view or sexual orientation.

You can contact HUD and report the potential abuse by going here.

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