It’s a Miracle!

He lost an arm and then grew a brand new one!

My atheism. It’s crumbling right in front of me…

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"Look at this guy transcending levels of Godliness!"

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"I was unaware that mere mortals could kick out a purportedly all-powerful deity."

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""Ravbar was also Carapella's Grade 7 teacher."*flag on the play!*"

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"Seriously. You're worried about matching your shirt?"

Street Preacher Tells Man Wearing Shorts ..."

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  • Kaleena

    I’ll say it again–I love the onion!!

  • Fyurien

    Pssst…. Atheists. This is worth a look.

    Genesis & the Quantum Mechanics of it all

  • Paul Snyder


    No, its not. Keep pushing that round peg into a square hole.

  • ansuzmannaz

    Don’t worry about your atheism, Hemant. This just proves that Cheney is a slovenly newt-man created by aliens in the 1940’s in association with the U.S. Government and the Roswell Tourists Association.

  • Rene Horn

    Yes! I agree with Ansuzmannaz!

    It’s obvious that he was created by the alien RaXenuel.