That is One Awesome Church Hymn

I didn’t know churches sang songs like this.

I’m inspired!

Anyone else ready to go back to the pews this Sunday?

(Thanks to Cailin for the link!)

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  • BZ

    Uh, wtf?

  • Aj

    Suggestion is awesome.

  • Heathen Dan

    Haha, funny! Now where’s the real lyrics?

  • Kaleena

    Now I want to know what the word really are!

  • NYCatheist

    Here’s another one along the same lines. Possibly funnier if you like crazy Bollywood dance numbers:

  • Anon

    Monodegreens are fun. If one has the opportunity, look into ‘animutations’ – they’re crazy music videos set to monodegreen interpretations of Japanese songs.

  • record straightener

    This is an adam buxton video, (search for him on youtube if you don’t know him), he’s done a few videos where he re-dubs tv shows or changes the subtitles as in this one. Excellent stuff.