Online Atheist Book Clubs

There are a few book clubs that specifically target atheists and require in-person gatherings…

But if you want to discuss interesting books with a group of non-religious people, you have a number of options that don’t require much physical travel:

The Nonbelieving Literati.

P-Momma’s Book Group.

And the newest addition to the list: The Atheist Blogger Book Club.

Join one of them. Join all of them.

(When you join, don’t hesitate to recommend this book!)

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  • Hemant:

    Thanks for the link to Nonbelieving Literati. We look forward to having you join us one of these days.

  • Cheers for the link Hemant! We’re in the process of setting up the chatroom / forums, and we are accepting ideas for books to read 😀

  • Thanks for recommending the Nonbelieving Literati, Hermant. I agree with Ex. You should join us for a book or two sometime.