Three More Days Till the Next Chicago Atheist Party!

You’re coming, right?

The party is at the Galway Arms in Chicago at 7:30 p.m. this Saturday night.

More information is here!

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  • Tovi

    Is there a secret signal or handshake I should know about to identify myself? :)

  • Anthony C

    I’ll be wearing my scarlet atheist ‘A’ lapel pin, if that helps.

    Looking forward to throwing back some good Irish whiskey with my fellow reason-minded humans.

  • Jodie

    Waaa! I’ve wanted to stop there since becoming a Chicagoan! Have fun, check you at the May meet up :)

  • jesse

    Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! I missed the last one due to being lame and horrible; now I have to miss this one because of a freelance gig that night. NEXT TIME, GADGET, NEXT TIME. And if there’s any theists out there willing to defend their worldview through a drinking contest, I’d be up to defend the honor of the Godless…