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For some reason, I’m having “comment” issues on this site. People are having trouble posting them. They not able to edit their own comments afterward. And even moderating the comments is a hassle today — it’s not working properly.

Is there anyone online right now who can help me with this? If you are on AIM or Gmail chat, even better!

Please let me know.


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  • hmmm, the contact form doesn’t seem to be working either…

    I’m sending you a message through facebook instead. I see the problem, and am looking for a solution.


  • I am going to test it, but I am curious about what what comment plug-ins that you have in addition to Live Preview? Have you upgraded to WordPress 2.5? Are all of your plug-ins updated?

  • I read in couple of places that people using WordPress 2.5 have trouble with comments. I’m using WordPress 2.5, but I didn’t hear any complaint until now.

  • Go ask Skepchick Rebecca for help. She seems to know a lot about WordPress, and seems rather adept at modifying and fixing it.