My Reading Habits

My reading list is not *just* limited to atheist lit.

I never read more than two books at a time.

I feel like I should be punished when I annotate in books I really like.

Those are just a few of the tidbits you’ll learn about me by reading an interview I did at Fire and Knowledge.

(You’re welcome, stalkers.)

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  • Good interview! I also am a two-at-a-time reader normally. One just isn’t enough, and more than that tends to be too much (though I’ll occasionally add a third if one or more is fiction). And I am loathe to mark in any book, even text books. It seems like a sacrilege.

  • Milena

    I don’t usually write in my books, but I love picking up used books with notes written in them, even if they’re just short text-analyses.