Ben Stein is a Puppet

And in other news, mrhogg made this nifty video:

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  • Cathy

    That was awesome, especially the corn nazi part. I too have seen Christian propaganda crap so bad that I thought it must be a joke.

  • Jeff

    Of course the point of the movie was not to convert anyone over to the theories of ID but to shore up support with the people that already believe strongly in creationism and ID. (people who are already nuts). There are many “true” believers that will feel good about their beliefs just knowing that there is a movie out there that champions their beliefs. They will feel good about this even if they don’t ever personally go see the movie. And these people will never browse to a secular website or Wikipedia to come across any debunking.

    But I agree with the animated clip that the movie will over-all have the effect of making more secularist more passionate and cause people who have never really thought about the issue to realize that creationism and ID is bunk.