Pat Condell DVD

Sometimes, movies like Expelled get made and can be found in theaters across the country… and you wonder how it didn’t go straight to DVD.

Other times, movies go straight to DVD and you wish it could have been seen in theaters everywhere…


Hell, yes.

Can you imagine three hours of Pat Condell on IMAX? Add popcorn and a female, and it’d be the best date *ever*.

For now, we’ll have to do with the Pat Condell Anthology (February 2007 – February 2008).

Or just check out his YouTube videos for free.

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  • Matt

    Dare I suggest “woman” would be a lot less ambiguous than “female”?

  • Evolved Rationalist

    Hell yeah! That would be a totally awesome date, but I would need a *man* instead.

    (Yeah, I’m one of those elusive female theistard-bashers atheists.)

  • Sabrina

    Hey ER, I’m one of those elusive female atheists as well. I’m in an atheist group in my town and theres at least a dozen more atheist females. But it does seem like theres more men; at our gatherings females are usually out numbered (at least) 3 to 1, usually more. I don’t know why either:(

  • stogoe

    Mmmm, Condell….

  • Michael

    This guy needs his own show. I love the podcast and videos, but I want more than 6 minutes from this guy. He is too awesome.