Separation of Church and Plate

Stephen Colbert on Florida’s Christian license plates:

(Thanks to Matthew for the link!)

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  • Susan B.

    Why is this car different from all other cars?
    • Tailpipe circumcised

    Best. Line. Ever.

  • Ted Goas

    Hmm, driving behind a car whose driver believes in reincarnation? Hahaha.

    Does this mean I should take down my ‘I Love Jesus’ air freshener since I don’t like in Florida? The Arizona police haven’t pulled me over yet…

  • jtradke

    “E Pluribus Pluribus”


  • Jeff

    “E Pluribus Pluribus” …. Out of many, one…. :)

    I don’t think state-required license-plates should be a vehicle for religious expression. That’s why God created bumpers, rear windows, and Tee-shirts.

    It might be appropriate for the state to issue some kind of warning on certain cars, though…

    “Caution, delusional driver letting Jesus steer. Keep distance”

  • cipher

    “sends a message that Florida is essentially a Christian state”

    It isn’t?

  • Tracy

    I live in Florida and it puts my panties in a bunch every time I see one of those “choose life” pro-life plates. If they approve this one, I’m going to suck my panties up my butt! I’m getting so aggravated with this state! ARGH!

  • Rob

    I love the Dr. Strangelove reference.

    We cannot allow a Church and State Gap gap!

  • Jen

    I love it. If there is one thing we don’t need, it is licence plates with religions on them. The exception might be made for the Flying Spaghetti Monster, though. That would be awesome.

  • Mitch Harden

    Why is this news, but not the Indiana license plate from a couple of years ago? I mean the Indiana plate is not only non-secular, but also gets special treatment compared to all other specialty plates (in that it’s free). Here is news.