The Most Popular Opinion Stories in the LA Times

The LA Times had its weekly round up of the most popular opinion stories… look who came out on top!

The best, the brightest, the movers, the shakers and the thinkers came out, but it was a New Jersey high school student who took the Number 1 spot in the week’s most popular Opinion stories. But fear not, James Q. Wilson fans: the Pepperdine professor whose textbook Matthew LaClair attacked gave as good as he got, and made the list at Number 9.

Matthew LaClair = #1

James Q. Wilson = #9

Go Matthew!

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  • YLooshi

    I wish there were more High School students like Matthew LaClair. Thanks for posting it, I’ve saved a PDF copy to add to the growing library of articles I’m saving for my daughter -she’s only six now, but hopefully she’ll have some interest in reading Matthew’s letter/article when she’s older.

  • QrazyQat

    So “gave as good as he got” means “came in 8 spots behind”?

    Guess that makes Cowboy Cal the winner of the Kentucky Derby.