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Christian Pop Culture

Hanna Rosin, author of God’s Harvard: A Christian College on a Mission to Save America, discusses this peculiar and omnipresent phenomenon at Slate. Here are the best couple paragraphs you’ll read all day: One night, a couple of years ago, I walked in on a group of evangelical college boys sitting on a bed watching [Read More…]

Things You Cannot Say in Church

Anne Jackson asked the question in good faith, but you all might take it a bit less seriously. Which might make it *far* more amusing What is something you feel you can’t say in church, or around other Christians? Some of Anne’s own commenters (mostly Christian, I assume) have some fantastic responses: I’d rather look [Read More…]

Who is More Intelligent: Atheist or Theist?

Someone brought that comic to my attention (via The Flowfield Unity). No, I don’t agree with it. I was asked recently if, on the whole, I thought atheists were smarter than the religious. My gut instinct was to say “Yes.” The vast majority of scientists don’t believe in God. Despite what critics might say, I [Read More…]

No Heaven. No Hell. Just… What…?

This might be NSFW. The link is rated-R, anyway. Would someone like to tell me what this is all about? The nude atheism? Bah. The Skepchick/Skepdude calendars aren’t even out until next month. I don’t really know what “atheist porn” would consist of that’s different from any other kind… fewer screams of “Oh God!” I [Read More…]