It Needs a Little Something…

I think I have everything I need.

But tonight’s dinner seems to be missing a key ingredient:


What ingredient would that be…?

(via My Confined Space)

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  • Karen

    Awwwww … what a little cutie!

    I guess I’ll have to become a vegetarian atheist. Boiled baby just isn’t on my menu. 😉

  • You need to peel them before you cook them. Baby skin is so fatty.

  • Hmmm…needs salt.

  • Susan

    Some good vegetable based stock is needed, plus a dash of basil (unless that is Basil), thyme and a bit of garlic.

  • Polly

    Finally, I’ve been looking for a good atheist cookbook.

  • Cade

    Would ingredient would that be…?

    Ummm, hate to be a Grammar Nazi, but….

  • Garlic. Definitely needs more garlic.

    I’d also recommend some beans (I’m partial to black, but I’m sure others would work).

  • Graham

    Bob-a- cue sauce!

    I wan ma baby back, baby back, baby back, I wan ma baby back…

  • Ron in Houston

    Man doesn’t anyone know that you have to gut and skin them before you can eat them?

    That is one very cute baby.

    Funny post Hemant.

  • Jess

    More baby jokes, Hemant?

    Ketchup…goes with everything.

  • Glo

    I just love small children, but I can’t eat a whole one.

  • Tracy

    Worcestershire sauce! And a little hot sauce! Boiled baby can be a wee bit bland 🙂

  • A couple bay leaves… can’t cook baby without ’em.

  • That baby looks like our president.

  • A couple of years ago some of my students made me a”101 Ways to Cook a Baby” cookbook. It was really funny. Needless to say we had just finished reading Swift. I am going to print this to show them (well, some of them).

  • stogoe

    Definitely missing the baby stock. You could make your own once you’ve broken down the baby, but I use veal stock when I’m in a rush.

  • Mmmm… baby!

    The toes are the best part.

  • Julie

    That baby is so dang cute!