Where Can I Find This Bible?

I knew it.

The stories in the Bible as we know it arent accurate.

Now we know the truth.

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  • http://radicalatheist.com Jack Carlson

    We’re skirting the outer limits of the weirdness zone here. I love the “Don’t do drugs” pitch at the end.

  • Renacier

    That’s a decent imitation of the Kirby style.

  • Grumpy

    Is it just me or does the jesus in this strip look like Chuck Norris?

  • http://www.otmatheist.com/ hoverFrog

    You can always tell who the evil people are in the Spiderman bible because they have different coloured skin like Cain. Not that there are any racist tones to the comic with the blond Jesus and silver haired Eve.

    If I were Stan Lee I’d sue.

    Nice thiumbs up in the last panel.

  • mikespeir

    Ha! “Don’t do drugs.” Subtle?

  • Viggo the Carpathian

    Link is broken

  • stogoe

    Wait… if Spidey saved mankind from Original Sin, why did Jesus even come to Earth? I mean, I guess he can stop by to hang out if wants, but he totally doesn’t need to get crucified…