Tips for Students Wanting to Start a High School Freethought Group

It is the end of the school year, but high school students wishing to start an atheist group next year may want to start thinking about it this summer.

Stephanie Kirmer, who ran a high school freethought group in Kansas (Kansas!), offers some advice to these activist students:

Another problem you may run into is member turnover. In college, some people are around forever – they just stay in the area, whether they graduate or not, and they form the base for a lot of groups. In high school, generally only people who are actually current students are allowed to be members of groups, so after four years or less, they’re gone. That’s one reason that I highly recommend writing down what you do and what your plans are. The more you have on paper, documented, the easier it is for the next set of students to hold things together.

More of her excellent suggestions can be found in the latest Secular Student Alliance eNewsletter.

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