American Atheists Board Member Steps Down

The AA drama has not yet been resolved…

One board member just stepped down. His resignation letter can be read here.

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  • JohnB

    Well, that was interesting.

    It’s interesting that just a few days before his resignation letter, he told Ellen’s sister that he “didn’t do anything to her”. Now he’s admitting full culpability. Why not earlier? A simple case of dickhead momentum? His machinations to get Ellen fired seem very calculated, whatever his motivation, and his request not to have his name on that motion particularly cowardly.

    In any case, his resignation was the right thing to do. And his apology does seem sincere.

    I certainly hope AA can recover from this debacle, but I would be very surprised if it actually does.

  • Mriana

    This is crazy. Almost as crazy, if not as crazy, as some of the things that go on in various other institutions.

  • Kevin

    jesus christ….

  • D.M.

    Why can’t American Atheists just let regular members elect their board members? It would foster a lot more open discussion and leave more room to disagree without collapse. Plus, it would keep the board of directors in touch with the grassroots membership, which might help the organization keep up with the times.

  • Bootsman

    Aside from the err.. ‘political’ implications of this letter, I think it takes an awful lot of courage to write a full-disclosure apology like that. Respect to Bart, and I hope Ellen comes back eventually.