That’s Not Right…

I was hesitant about linking to this webcomic… I mean, it features a dead baby. And Jesus. And God — All three of them together.

Like a warped Holy Trinity.

But really, how often do you see that?

So I’m obligated.

(Umm… Blame Cade for sending the link.)

Actually, the first few panels make the whole comic kinda depressing despite the punchline. This picture makes me laugh much more.

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  • Kate

    Hahah YAY, that picture is one that I got my Friendly Atheist bracelet for. :)

  • Tracy

    LOL – I thought it was kinda funny 😉

  • Cade

    You think that’s depressing, don’t read cyanide and happiness during depressing comic week. (except for this one.)

  • Laurie Soule

    I didn’t laugh out loud, but I did sort of snort at the last frame in the comic. Not very ladylike, I know.

  • laterose

    It bothers me that they put a baby in a full-sized coffin. That’s just a waste of space. They make small ones, y’know!

    And the sandwich thing was kinda ick.