July, 2009

That’s the month you’ll remember forever.

Because guess who will be July model for the 2009 Skepdude calendar…?!

Let’s just say there’s a reason it’s the hottest month of the year.

More information coming soon… :)

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  • http://t3knomanser.livejournal.com t3knomanser

    Hottest month of the year, eh? Strange way to find out that I’m going to be modeling for the “Skepdudes” calendar. Would have at least expected a letter.

  • Jen

    I didn’t know Richard Dawkins was posing this year!

  • http://friendlyatheist.com Hemant Mehta

    t3knomanser and Jen —

    Curse the both of you.

    You’re on my “list” now.

  • Tracy

    (holds up 1$ bills) I want one!! :)

  • http://teenatheist.com/ Teen Atheist


    *holds up dollar bills too*