Weekend Hiatus

School is over, grades have been turned in, and I survived my first year of teaching!


Tomorrow morning, I’m off to DC for the World Humanist Congress (also the joint annual conference for several groups). Then, Monday is Lobby Day with the Secular Coalition for America (a day that tends to be relatively uneventful when your representatives include senators Barack Obama and Dick Durbin. Apparently, those guys are “busy” or something… )

So postings will be minimal. Emails will probably go unanswered. And comments may not get moderated.

But when I come back, there will be plenty of good stories, I promise!

Lots of pictures, too.

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  • http://www.primordial-blog.blogspot.com/ Brian Larnder

    Man, I still have a week to go until we get out. Too much year left over at the end of the learning.

    Have a great summer break, you’ve earned it Hemant!

  • Spurs Fan

    Cngrats to all you teachers finishing up. I just completed my 7th year teaching and am now going to work for my teachers’ union (if you can call them that in Texas) to support the greatest professionals on earth!